Pohl Farm is owned and operated in Foristell, MO by Bill and Kelly Pohl and their 7 children.

We are sure you will enjoy the taste of our hard work!

We offer free delivery to select areas on Wednesdays.


Our herd of cattle consists of grass-fed and grass-finished Belted Galloway and Angus yielding a lean, high quality beef. We practice rotational grazing, and move the herd to fresh pasture on a regular basis. Our animals are raised in a stress-free environment to provide you the most tender meat.


Our meat chickens and layers are raised ‘Salatin-style’. They are antibiotic and growth hormone free. They are moved daily to fresh ground for better health for our family and yours. You can taste the difference!

The meat birds are Cornish Cross and fed non-GMO feed. Our layer ladies are a mixture of breeds giving the eggs a variety of colors and have a taste you will love!


Our produce is grown all natural. We do not use pesticides and follow OMRI guidelines since we are transitioning to organic. The gardens and high tunnels are tended daily to provide the best harvest possible. We also have bee hives to pollinate our gardens and provide fresh honey.

Environment Friendly

We work to reduce our energy footprint by collecting rainwater, composting, using solar power and recycled products whenever possible.